All About Cigarette Boxes – A Comprehensive Guide

Usually, when we talk about the custom boxes, cigarette boxes are the most popular ones. There are many companies that are offering custom cigarette packaging in the USA and Canada. Still, we have seen that people strive to get some useful information about the custom cigarette boxes. So, we have decided to write a comprehensive guide on custom cigarette boxes that will cover all aspects.

Standard 20 Sized Cigarette Box : 3.5 x 2.25 x 0.88 inches
Standard 10 Sized Cigarette Box: 3.5 x 1.675 x 0.7 inches
Standard 5 Sized Cigarette Box : 3.5 x 1.625 x 0.45 inches

Usually, standard size cigarette box is used for the packaging of 20 cigarettes. Most of the people want to store 10 or 20 cigarettes in a single pack/box. Here is the box that can contain 20 regular size cigarettes is known as a standard cigarette box. But you can customize this box according to your needs. For example, I have seen many people who want to store only 5 standard size cigarettes in a single box. In this scenario, you need to contact a custom packaging company.

Dimensions of Regular Size Cigarette:

Regular Size Cigarette that is also known as king size cigarette and dimensions of this cigarette is

  • 3.307 Inches (Height) * 0.319 Inches (Diameter)

Materials and Stock Used for Cigarette Box:

Generally, for custom cigarette people we can use the following two categories of stock

1-          Kraft Stock

2-          Cardboard Stock

In both Kraft and cardboard stock, the 14pt stock is recommended that is also a standard for many packaging and printing companies.

Printing on the Cigarette Boxes:

Cigarette Box with cardboard Stock:

Usually, most of the companies use cardboard stock for the packaging. As I have already mentioned that its thickness is usually 14pt and you can use full-color printing on these boxes. Like the logo of your company or any other colorful pictures. We recommend full-color printing on the cardboard stock only.

You can use Matte or Gloss lamination on the cardboard stock and there is some extra coating on the cardboard stock. So, it is perfect for pictures or full-color printing.

Cigarette Box with Kraft Stock:

Kraft stock is used by the people who love to use eco-friendly material for their packaging needs. Its price is almost similar to the cardboard cigarette box but it is known as Kraft cigarette box.

Although we can use full-color printing on the cardboard stock, we recommend one color printing on Kraft cigarette box.

Matte/Gloss lamination is not available for the kraft card stock. Moreover, an extra coating is not present on the Kraft stock that’s why we do recommend only 1 color printing on the Kraft stock.


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