Spot UV Printing for elegant lamination coating finish

With the advance in technology, the market has become saturated with various brands featuring diverse product lines. It is significantly needed to create distinguished product packaging that adds a unique brand identity for your company. Spot UV technology provides excellent quality lamination to your products, adding value to your items. This high-tech printing technique allows high-gloss UV printing by using Ultraviolet (UV) radiations. Are you looking for an all-in-one protective product lamination? Choose protective and aesthetic spot UV printing by Quick Box Packaging.

What is Spot UV Printing?

Spot UV is a well-renowned ultraviolet printing technique that uses radiations to apply a high-gloss coating on the product surface. The purpose of Spot UV printing is to ensure complete product varnish against damage. It also adds distinct value to the product altogether by flawless product coating. This printing technology is quick, efficient, and long-lasting, ensuring impactful lamination to enhance your brand image.

This technology cures and varnishes the targeted spots on the surface and protects them from damage. Moreover, the spot finish exterior allows the product to portray a chic, elegant look to seal in all the colors and patterns.

Where can I use Spot UV technology?

If you are unsure about the applicability of Spot UV for your business, this article is perfect for you. Similar to lamination, Spot UV technology is used ideally on the surface of various branding elements. The most common surface areas include; business cards, brochures, flyers, packaging boxes, gift boxes, invitation cards, card stocks, etc. This technique is best on papers that are not very thin. Spot UV works efficiently on thick paper material, ensuring the complete embodiment of any image, pattern, art, or logo on your product packaging. The glossy surface is gradable as per the client’s demands, ranging from shiny to less glossy and satin to matte.

Applicability of Spot UV technology:

Matte Lamination:

Spot UV on matte lamination adds more colors and definition to the product surface. The shine and softness added by spot UV printing can make the colors more vibrant and enhance your product image. This printing method is ideal for highlighting logos and brand messages as it adds a more striking effect to your product.

Matte UV:

One of the most premia looks for your product packaging is spot UV and matte-finished surface. The subtle base of a matte surface goes hand in hand with the glossing exterior provided by spot UV. This aesthetic look can emphasize your product value and differentiate it from the rest on the shelf.

Matte Varnish:

If you are looking for a non-glossy look, you have come to the right place. Matte varnish and spot UV is the right choice for you! The matte varnish gives out a soft, subtle, and non-glossy look onto the surface. This printing idea is ideal for products that are classic and luxurious. Adding a sophisticated coat to speak volumes for your brand aesthetics.

Soft-Touch Matte Finish:

This technique adds a soft, silky look to your product packaging. The exterior gives your product the utmost sophistication and distinguished style. The packaging is particularly ideal for elegant products as this matte finish adds exclusivity to the product.

How does it work?

Spot UV printing is a technical process that works best under expert supervision. All you need to do is provide us with a mask file containing the instructions about the required areas to be coated. The UV coating becomes extremely vivid if the selected area is paired with silk screening. You must make sure that the artwork which has to be printed on the product or packaging must have clear and clean edges. Also, all the mask files’ pixels must be black or white and must not be blurred or shadowed. The spot UV technology works best on smaller surface areas, where the image is compact and aesthetically pleasing. On broader surfaces, the print may be too scattered and look unappealing.

5 Advantages of using Spot UV Printing:

  • Perfect gloss and shine:

Spot UV specializes in providing the right color-pop on the product surface. This versatile technology adds vibrancy to your products by making the exterior shine that is very difficult to achieve by using conventional printing techniques

  • Convenient readability:

Many printing techniques in the market offer lamination. However, very few of these technologies offer practicability with aesthetics. Spot UV printing allows comfortable readability as the packaging surface adds color to the written content.

  • Protection against damage:

This technique is ideal for securing the product surface. Much like lamination, it creates an all-covered layer on top of the surface to prevent wearing or damage. All the colors on the printed surface are sealed in place, and the spot finish allows complete protection against moisture.

  • Quick and effective:

Spot UV technology is highly efficient in producing more product packaging in lesser time. This attribute traces back to the fast drying time of the technique, manufacturing all the products quickly and precisely, thereby saving time and money.

  • Environmentally sustainable:

This coating technique is eco-friendly as its precision allows no coating to escape into the air while coating. Moreover, it does not contain Volatile Organic Compounds, which makes it safe to use in the environment.

Quick Box Packaging provides the best spot UV printing:

Quick Box Packaging is a renowned packaging expert all around the US and Canada. Our company uses years of experience to impart wisdom and technique into your product packaging. With a team of experienced staff, we are proud to provide top-notch spot UV printing as per the needs of the product. Call us for free at our toll-free number and get a free consultation with our experienced customer representative. We study your brand ideology in detail and analyze the market trends. Our team works effectively to provide the most suitable Spot UV services for your products. Moreover, we also offer free delivery throughout the US and Canada without any chances of damage to the product.


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