Why Kraft Packaging the Best for Soap Products?

The importance of using eco-friendly products is now increasing at a rapid pace. To save the earth from pollution and harmful materials people prefer to adopt biodegradable products or practices in their routine life. Kraft card or paper is an eco-friendly material that can be used in manufacturing the product packaging. Custom kraft boxes ensure that after utilizing the products its packaging will dissolve into nature or can be recycled easily.

Soaps are the most common and most usable items that people use frequently and more often. So, by packing them into a biodegradable material we can save nature from a huge piece of garbage. To reveal the truth about why kraft packaging is the best for soap products we have compiled this detailed guide. Later in this article, you will come to know why you should use biodegradable packaging for your soaps so stay tuned with us.

Increase demand for recycled materials

Increase demand for recycled materials

According to the deep research about having kraft packaging for your products can save you 45% of packaging cost compared to the other traditional plastic packaging. After passing an environmental protection law the need for eco-friendly packaging has increased significantly. Many of the industries are now bound to adopt biodegradable packaging practices or materials to pack their soaps and many other products.

Initially, in the law, 50 major products that are directly in touch with the human body are now bound to have packed into the biodegradable/eco-friendly packaging. But as time passes many other products also come in the same line of having clean and climate-friendly packaging.

Only in the USA, the demand for recyclable packaging has increased up to 260 million tons per year and it will increase even more in upcoming years. Kraft paper has all the important factors like biodegradable, instance ability to dissolve into nature, attractive and unique look, and reusability, all of these things make a perfect for custom soap packaging.

Kraft materials are much suitable for your product

Kraft materials are much suitable for your product

Another most important thing that you should notice is that your soap packaging attracts the user with unique eco-friendly concepts. Your target audience will prefer to have soap with biodegradable packaging, this kraft packaging help your soap to remain dry and fresh by protecting it from moisture. As a result, the age of your soap increases a bit.

Along with the soap, if you have a business of cosmetic products, food, and beverages, or any other bakery item custom kraft packaging will help you to increase your product sales with each passing day. As I have mentioned above about the huge increase in the demand for environmentally-friendly packaging the sales of these products will definitely increase. Statistics show it will increase further so it is the best time to adopt eco-friendly packaging habits to take a big chunk of sales and profits from the increasing demand for kraft packaging.

It is also observed that in the case of soap purchasing,  people attract more towards the soap that has environmental packaging compared to the plastic and other natural harm packaging materials.

Much better than traditional plastic soap packaging

Like we have discussed above, kraft packaging is biodegradable which means it can dissolve into nature without affecting the environment and can be reused most often. But this is not in the case of the plastic packaging. Following we have shared a tiny comparison of both of the packaging so make sure you watch it out.

Kraft Packaging Plastic Packaging
Kraft packaging material takes 1-2 weeks to decompose into nature. The dissolving process of plastic packaging is around 10-12 years or even more in some cases.
Kraft packaging material can be dissolved into nature without absolving toxic substances into nature/environment Plastic packaging requires a bit of chemical to dissolve quickly. In this way, it can release some toxic substances into the environment.
The reusability of the kraft packaging is about 6-8 times which makes it cost-effective and as mentioned above it can decrease the packaging cost around 45% Plastic Packaging can be reuse only 1-2 time
Most importantly Kraft packaging does not affect the quality of the soap. Plastic packaging can affect or can destroy the quality of the soap.


We try our best to convey detailed knowledge about why kraft packaging is the best for soap products. We hope after reading this complete blog post you will have a better understanding of the custom kraft boxes.


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