Foldable vs 2 Piece Rigid Boxes – Some Similarities and Differences

In 2020, the trend of using custom printed boxes is on the boom. People that are currently using pre-made packaging items are shifting towards the option of custom packaging. In this context, the importance of rigid packaging has been increased from the last few months to a great extent. But there are many types and categories of rigid packaging and most of the time people are confused that which option to choose. For that purpose, we are writing to a comparison between Foldable Rigid Boxes vs 2 Piece Rigid boxes in the detail. So, even if you have a small relationship with packaging, this guide can change your mindset. That’s why I will highly encourage you to read it until the end.

So, let’s start with a basic definition. The box that is manufactured with a rigid stock is known as the rigid box. Its common types are collapsible or foldable rigid boxes, pre-assembled rigid boxes, 2 piece rigid boxes, match rigid boxes, and 3 piece rigid boxes (shoulder boxes). These variations are based on the styles that differentiate them from each other although stock is 100% the same. Now let’s compare Foldable vs 2 Piece rigid box.

Foldable Gift Boxes:

They are also known as foldable rigid boxes with magnetic catch or closure. They are a special type of rigid boxes that are made up of a magnetic catch and are assembled with the help of special tapes. They are shipped flat as compared to other options. That’s why they are loved by the people. Let’s see the pros and cons.


  • They have a unique shape and style. The option of magnetic catch makes them more attractive
  • They can be economical in price as they are shipped flat but not pre-assembled
  • Best for the packaging of gift items
  • They are long-lasting are reusable for some other products as well.
  • Can be the best option for large box dimensions


Not Suitable for every product

2 Piece Rigid Boxes:

As the name implies, they are the boxes that are made up of rigid stock in 2 piece style. You might have seen a mobile or cell phone box. Most of the time these products are packed using 2 piece rigid boxes.


  • They are the best option for the packaging of small electronic products like cell phones, tablets, etc.
  • Can be the best option for small box dimensions
  • They are also long-lasting and have the factor of reusability too.


  • Price can be very high especially if your box dimensions are large as they are shipped pre-assembled


So, we have shared a fair comparison of both box styles. Now it’s up to your choice and requirements. Usually, for the large box dimensions, people like to go with the option of foldable rigid ones as they are shipped flat and can save your money from high shipping charges. While for small products, 2 pieces rigid box is a considerable option.

These are not only factors to decide. There are some other factors too that can vary as per your needs and requirements. I hope this guide would be beneficial for you in choosing the right rigid boxes. Still, if you have any confusion then you can seek recommendations from a custom packaging company.

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