Packaging Boxes and Designs for Surgical Masks

Everyone is aware of the importance of surgical masks due to the issue of COVID-19. This issue has also affected the people in the United States. That’s why companies are trying to manufacture the products that are effective against this deadly virus. We all know that the invention of the vaccine will take some time and will be available until the end of 2020.

Here is the importance or surgical masks has been increased that’s why many companies are manufacturing on an urgent basis to fulfill the need of people that are living in the United States. But, unfortunately, many company owners are having issues in finding the right packaging boxes for the masks. For that purpose, Quick Boxes Packaging has decided to write about the packaging boxes that are best for the masks.

There are many types of masks that are available in the market. N95 and surgical masks are most effective against the coronavirus that’s why we will discuss their packaging materials.

Surgical Masks Packaging

Surgical masks are most frequently used in medical facilities like hospitals, medical colleges, etc. Nowadays, they are used by the common people too. Use these masks are available in bulk packaging. For example, 1 box of the surgical mask has around 100 masks in it.

Surgical masks are light in weight. Even the weight of 100 masks is very less. For that type of product, we recommend custom cardboard boxes. The cardboard stock is best for these types of products as it is eco-friendly, lighter in weight, and long-lasting. 18pt Cardboard stock boxes are recommended for the packaging of surgical masks. You can use your artwork on these boxes as per your desire.


N-95 Masks Packaging Boxes

N-95 mask is a special item with extra-protection. They are expensive and ensure some extra safety features. They are used by the paramedical staff as well as a common person can also wear them for the safety and protection against COVID-19. For these masks, you can also use cardboard or Kraft stock. Usually, one box contains a single N-95 mask. So, cardboard and Kraft stock is a fine option for them.

While if you are planning to ship this product to any other place than we would recommend using corrugated stock. A corrugated box works best for the product that is used for shipping purposes too.

Conclusion about Packaging of Masks:

So, our final recommendation is cardboard stock as they are best for the packaging of the mask. They are very economical in price, eco-friendly, and are available with a variety of customizable options. You can use full-color printing, lamination, and much more. While some of the people like to use Kraft stock as well. The option of Kraft stock is also fine but the option of lamination is not available on them.

I hope that this quick guide will help you in selecting the right packaging boxes for your masks.

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