Custom Packaging options for Shipping Purposes

Different people like to use custom packaging boxes for different purposes. For example, some of them like to use those boxes for the purpose of the display while others like to use it for shipping purposes. Today, we are going to discuss some options that are available for custom boxes for shipping boxes. So, let’s start our discussion.

Along with the corrugated stock, the option of rigid stock can also be utilized for shipping purposes. Rigid stock is an expensive option. So, the majority of the people like to go with the option of corrugated stock as they are a bit economical as compared to rigid.

As the name implies that shipping boxes are the packaging boxes that are used for the purpose of shipping. So, they should be thick enough to hold your fragile product safely until that reaches the required destinations. The most extensive stock option that is used for the purpose of shipping is known as corrugated stock. The boxes that can be manufactured using different shapes and styles using corrugated stock are known as custom corrugated boxes.

As we have discussed above that there are many forms and shapes of corrugated boxes that are available in the market. Let’s discuss some famous options that are used in the market.

Custom Mailer Boxes

Custom mailer boxes are manufactured using corrugated stock and are a great option to use if you need the boxes for shipping purposes. They are manufactured in the style known as Roll End Tuck. You can avail of an option of full-color printing on these mailer boxes as they can be manufactured using corrugated card stock. From 1 to full-color options, they can be manufactured in all ways. You can also avail of an option of Matte or Gloss lamination on these mailer boxes.

These boxes have a thick stock that can hold your fragile products safely inside the box. So, you will get the safety along with the style.

Corrugated Shipping Cartons:

Corrugated shipping cartons are also known as custom shipping boxes and they are made up of pure corrugated stock. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes. For small to large shipping cartons, they are also available in pre-made options. You can also place your small cardboard boxes in these shipping cartons.

Rigid Sock:

Rigid stock is an option that is recommended for the packaging of luxury items. They are also available in many styles like Foldable Rigid Boxes, 2 Piece rigid boxes, and sleeve rigid boxes. They are mostly used for the packaging of luxury electronic products. They also have other variety of applications. But, they are a bit expensive as compared to corrugated stock that why they are recommended for luxury items only.

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